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TNP Enterprises

TNP Enterprises is the parent company of two wholly owned subsidiaries, First Choice Power and Texas-New Mexico Power Company.  TNP was traded on the New York Stock Exchange prior to its acquisition in April 2000.  This investment was owned and managaed from April 2000 until its sale to PNM Resources, Inc. in June 2005.

Preservation Sciences Inc.

Preservation Sciences is an innovative research and design company focused on creating safe, natural and environmentally-friendly technologies for the preservation of products in the food and beverage, agriculture and industrial markets.  The company's core product lines include:  environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors, Flash Off™ and Extend X™, designed to stop an eliminate flash rust on steel structures and marine vessels; all-natural preservation technologies designed to replace carcinogenic precursors sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate in the beverage industry (Natural Choice™); a natural preservative to extend the life of bakery products and ensure greater shelf life stability (Nu Preserv 2000™); and a natural crop treatment for Citrus Canker which is currently devastating Florida's citrus industry (Canker Kill). 

Rogar Studios, Inc.

Rogar is an entertainment marketing and production company.  Rogar is currently focused on its foundation project, Sheira & Loli's Dittydoodle Works, which returned to Public Television in September 2005.  The 26 episode series debuted on WLIW New York Public Television and an additional 14 episodes are in production.  All 40 episodes are expected to roll out nationally Fall 2006.

Viral Genetics, Inc.

Viral Genetics is an early-stage drug discovery and development company researching novel methods for the treatment and detection of serious diseases and conditions afflicting millions of people, with an emphasis on infectious diseases and autoimmune conditions.  The company's current research is centered on VGV-1, a treatment for HIV and AIDS based on the company's TNP technology - an extract of mammalian thymus tissue.
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